Here’s a list of recent things I’ve written.

Last updated June 2024


  1. Instagram drafts: the ultimate guide


  1. Twitter Blue: everything you need to know
  2. Twitter Creator subscriptions: the ultimate guide


  1. Why I left Twitter…again
  2. 3 realities of social media you have to accept for success
  3. A roundup of the world’s worst blogging advice
  4. 80% of blogs fail within the first 18 months, but what is “failure?”
  5. Blogging isn’t dead 💀 Bad affiliate marketing content is

Guerilla Companies

  1. Why Barbie would actually love a mid-century home
  2. August homeowner’s checklist
  3. 5 reasons you’ll love Roland Park
  4. Renovation project: 1511 Park Avenue
  5. Charles Goodman
  6. What is millwork?
  7. Storybook architecture: finding your fairytale house
  8. Renovate or sell?
  9. 11 creative ways to make money with your warehouse
  10. Why you deserve a real estate strategy
  11. Guerilla’s cosmic guide to charm city
  12. Hugh Newell Jacobsen’s Maryland legacy
  13. How to research a historic house
  14. How much does a warehouse cost?
  15. Group home-buying FAQs
  16. Olmsted’s parks make Baltimore wild